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Show 3: Tools of the Trade and a FTF hunt!

In this show:

  • We discuss some tools of the (geocaching) trade (What’s in YOUR gear bag? Write us: email@podcacher.com)
    In ours: A great outdoor hat. Headlamp flashlight.
  • A “loop” of caches on the South Poway Trail that yields a snake and an ocarina
  • Info about other Geocaching resources
  • Audio of our race in an attempt to be the First To Find on a new cache


Tracks: Great walking sticks. My walking stick.
Cachemate for the Palm (one piece of paperless caching)
Caching Central News Blog
CacheCaster.com home of the CacheCast Podcast
GeoRadio.org The other satellite radio

Flickr pics of our Tools of the Trade.

Music on this show:
Sonny Portacio
Terry Reynolds

Upcoming on the next show: Another PodCache!!!

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No comments yet to Show 3: Tools of the Trade and a FTF hunt!

  • Your podcast is so cool! I heard your promo on Curry the day after we recorded our first podcast while geocashing. Keep up the good work!

  • Another enjoyable podcast! You both seem extremely comfortable speaking or you do a lot of editing.

    I too use a hiking stick and yes, banging around holes/rocks before sticking your hand into some place is a great use of a hiking stick.

    I see a few folks have already found your 1st podcache. I have it on my Watchlist.

    Also, thanks for the nice mention and link in your show notes to http://www.CachingCentral.com

    Looking forward to your next podcast!!


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