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Show 119.1: PMM – Photo Tip (Tripod)

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On this geocaching nano-show Sonny chats about photo tips related to tripods! He’ll discuss why to use a tripod, tips on how to choose a good tripod, a quick setup technique, tripod warnings and a trick.

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1 comment to Show 119.1: PMM – Photo Tip (Tripod)

  • Amtraker

    Great tips. I have a cheap tripod that works like the Velbon but it is more bulky and so gets left behind often. Some other tips my railfan photography friends use:

    o Since small digital cameras lack shutter release cables use the self-timer so that releasing the shutter doesn’t shake the camera even on a tripod.

    o Many of my friends use a monopod. Since I often carry a collapsible hiking I’m going to look into getting one that also serves as a camera monopod like the TrekPod (Hiking Stick, Monopod, Tripod all in one)


    o Last it is nice to always have one of those small tripods with you. I bought a Gorilla Pod and love it. I always have it with me. Check it out at:


    Amtraker (Mike)

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