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Evil Pokey Plants

I’m sure every part of the world has them. They are not in any particular Genus or Species of plant, but more like a characteristic qualifier: The Evil Pokey Plant. Not that all pokey plants are evil mind you. There are many a benevolent pokey plant out there I’m sure; those that do not poke ME for instance. Those that do their poking elsewhere or might be pokey in circumstances and conditions other than those I participate in (Geocaching!).

No my friends, I’m talking about those plants that poke me, stick me, splinter me and seem to do it with verve! They attach themselves to my person, then revel and savor the irritation, pain and annoyance they cause.

See the image for a closer view of the Evil Pokey Plant (EPP) that recently got us on our Kayak / Lake adventure (Show #163)

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