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19, 70 and 1000

So, I’ll bet you’re wondering what on earth those numbers mean?!? Someone needs to learn how to count!

Actually, we are on our way to Yosemite for a brief camping trip with 19 family members to celebrate Sandy’s Dad’s 70th birthday, and on the way we plan to get our 1000th cache at the breathtaking overlook at the entrance to Yosemite Valley.

If you’d like to keep posted with updates you can check our travel blog “PodCacher: Off the Beaten Path” here:


You can also follow us on Twitter, since we’ll post there when we can.

For those of you concerned about Jake the fat cat, no worries. We’ve got a highly-qualified cat-sitter at Jake’s beck and call poised to make sure that he’s well fed and loses none of the girth that gives him his trademark “Jabba the cat” profile that he’s come to be known for.

Have a great weekend and go get ‘em!!!

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