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Show 371.0: New Goals for Expert Cacher

On our geocaching podcast today, we have some awesome listener feedback for the “expert” cacher who needs a new challenge.

We also have a few more audio sound bites from MOGA, another amazing diner tied to a geocache, a great muggle experience, an FTF story – climbing up the wrong hills, a WWFM IX update and more.

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Reiff’s Gas Station
Ninja Training, Stage 1: Don’t be seen
T for Teleport

Negative Sleep Designs

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1 comment to Show 371.0: New Goals for Expert Cacher

  • renroc

    HI SSS, Just listening to your show 371. Had to laugh when you were talking about 4 bees in your house. I have had a whole wall full of honey and honeycomb in my bedroom. The bees got in through the weep (drain) holes in the external brickwork. They built between the brick and the internal gyprock wall. the hive was about 2metres wide and 1.5metres high. We had to cut the internal wall out and took about 4 wheelbarrows of wax and honey out. Then clean and disinfect the wooden frame of the house so that the bees were not keen to come back. Then replaster the wall. We also blocked off all the weep holes with special mesh to stop the bees getting back in. A huge job that took 3 people a whole day to remove the honey and hive..Will email photos if you are interested.

    Sue (Renroc) NSW Australia.

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