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Show 372.0: Bombs & Bears

On our geocaching podcast today, we talk about a 10km Night Adventure Challenge in the UK, and a Norway-Hungary connection.

We also have a photograph that was inspired by a DNF, an update on our Geowoodstock X plans, a story of a wildlife encounter while caching, great news related to the WWFM IX, the news of Google Maps returning to Geocaching.com and more.

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Links mentioned in the show
Geocaching game prompts bomb scare
GPS game clue triggers bomb squad call
Night Nav – the Night Adventure Challenge in the UK
Operation: Night Nav YouTube Video

Meet the Norwegians
Geosör Budapest #16, “Meet the Norwegians”

Geowoodstock X website
GW X Event Page
OCNA Meet Up @ Sellersburg Mega – OU03F7

Multiplicity – a photo by Kristine
Geotalk Podcast

Mingo – oldest active cache
Sandia Crest
Fastest? Regular Cacher versus “In-Tuned” Cacher?

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1 comment to Show 372.0: Bombs & Bears

  • Flydad

    In show 372 you’d asked for animal stories during geocaching.

    #1. Near Reston, VA, I’d just crossed a small stream, when I heard a little noise in the leaves next to my right foot. I looked down, expecting to see a chipmunk scampering away. Instead, I saw a 3′ snake slithering away. First, check the tail — OK, no rattles . . . . but I really don’t like the pattern on the back, and when my eyes travelled to the triangular, copper colored head, I decided to head back the way I came. I found the cache about 6 feet to the west.

    #2. Near Leesburg, VA, I was looking on a gravel turnaround near a reservoir. My GPS showed the cache about 35′ over my right shoulder. Aha ! I can see the hidey-hole from inside the car. I leave the GPS in the car and walk toward the hidey-hole. Now, my eyes are seeing the normal wide vision you would expect, but my brain is processing only the hidey-hole. About 6′ from the hole, I stop. What’s that white at the top of the hole ? . . . and what’s that above the white ? Hair ! ? ? Time to put the brain fully in gear to process the full picture. I find myself standing at the foot of a poached 120# black bear ! ! ! The hidey-hole was where the pancreas had been removed, and the white was the breast bone. BTW, I never did find the cache.

    I like hearing Sean do his introductions. He sounds like he’s turning into quite a fun young man ! 8-)

    – Flydad

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