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Show 378.0: Ask Dr. PodCacher

On our geocaching podcast today, we present to you: Ask Dr. PodCacher – geocaching questions and answers.

We also share with you an amazing caching accomplishment, the longest drive to an FTF, feedback on animal encounters, travel bugs in space, and much more.
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1 comment to Show 378.0: Ask Dr. PodCacher

  • I have enjoyed listening to the animal stories in your podcast and frankly, I am a bit envious. I would love to say deer, bears, wolves and other critters. I was feeling a little depressed about the lack of wildlife in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Aside from stray cats and birds there isn’t much wildlife. However, on at least three occasions I have found yamori (gecko) scampering around cache sites. They move too quickly to get a picture unless you already have your camera in your hands. It is considered good luck by Japanese to have geckos in your yard or house. “Ya” is a way of saying house and “mori” means protect. It is nice to think that the gecko’s are protecting the cache from muggles. More interestingly is the toad I nearly grabbed while searching for a cache. Tsuchi Gaeru and large, fist-sized toads that hide in holes during the day. I was searching for a cache in a rock wall with lots of nooks and crannies. I was about to reach my hand into a hole when I saw one of these toads retreating further into the hole. I am glad I pulled my hand back in time. I wouldn’t want to have to tell my 7 year old son, who loves to catch tsuchigaeru, that I squashed one. Finally, I was cycling through a local park for places to hide a cache when I noticed this small gray and white creature wandering across the bike trail. I knew right away that it was a baby tanuki. I realized that there was something wrong with it. It was wandering around aimlessly in circles. Flies were buzzing around its head and it wasn’t afraid of people. I called the park’s management office and waited for them to send someone. 2 men showed up with a net and a box. They scooped it up in seconds. They told me it was sick and that it was common in the park. I looked up the word they told me in a dictionary when I got home but couldn’t find it. However, the symptoms the poor fellow had were similar to rabies.

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