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Show 411.0: SWAG – Good, Bad & Ugly

On our geocaching podcast today, we’re going to talk all about SWAG – the good kind, some fun ideas, and the really, really bad stuff.

We also have several more Dr. PodCacher questions – about log signing etiquette and offset caches, a story about when a good piece of paracord would have been useful, the first in a series from Sonny on “Essential Tools for Caching”, and much more.

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1 comment to Show 411.0: SWAG – Good, Bad & Ugly

  • Newenglandah

    Swag – This here was one of the main reasons I stopped caching for a few years, I got bored with finding boxes of CRAP. I really wish people traded interesting items or usable items. I’ve been trying to stack my swag bag with clearence iteams that cost no more the $3 and honestly I’ve found a ton of things from bandanas to stuff sack reusuable bags
    (chico bags) YOu said it correct if cachers just put a little thought into it there could be some great swag items out there.

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