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Show 430.0: Roadbooks, Garlic and a Unicycle

On our geocaching podcast today, we’ll share about a web app that you might want to add to your tools of the trade.

We also have a story of geocaching misadventure, an update on MAPP shows, a story of river caching to a 5/5 cache and much more.

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Links mentioned in the show
Unicyclist combines riding with geocaching, trail maintenance
Garmin fenix review – at GPStracklog.com
Garmin Fenix GPS Watch (affiliate link)
GeoRoadbook web app

Gilroy Garlic Festival tickets (discounted)
Munzee website
First Annual Burnt Corn Creek Poker Run
Not Another Rock Cache!

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1 comment to Show 430.0: Roadbooks, Garlic and a Unicycle

  • hot rod

    I have a suggestion for those who are prone to locking their keys in their car (or losing their keys, such as while out on a geocaching trek): Take a spare key and hide it under (or behind) the license plate on your vehicle. This is very easy and inexpensive. After you have a spare key made, remove one of the screws (preferably a top one if equipped with 4)and thread the screw/bolt through the plate, then the key and into the threads to secure it. Some keys may have a plastic portion that needs to be removed (cut, grind, or melt it off). If the screw/bolt hole is too small to be inserted, then drill it out to a larger size. Once you have this key in place, all you have to do is locates a screw driver to access the key.

    My personal experience locking a key in my cache mobile was a trip to find a cache called Big Black Bertha with a fellow geocacher, topotrex. We returned to the car, panicked for a minute or two and then I remembered the precaution that I had taken to combat such a blunder. I then removed my Swiss Army Knife from my pack, opened up the screwdriver attachment and retrieved the key. Off we went to find some more caches! No coat hangers (done that in the past for other folks) and no broken windows.

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