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We are Sonny and Sandy, a husband and wife geocaching team in Southern California who have created a podcast about geocaching. Podcasting is a way to listen to “radio-like” programs on an MP3 player. PodCacher began in July 2005 and has over 400 shows and counting!

From the beginning, we wanted to deliver high quality, family-friendly shows that would inform, inspire and entertain! So we designed a program that delivers news, tips and tricks, tools of the trade, caching stories, interviews, live audio events, and more!

At PodCacher you will find:

  • Shownotes to our audio PodCasts
  • A written journal of our geocaching experiences, musings, rants, raves and opinions
  • Links to really cool and helpful stuff
  • Always Family Friendly!
  • PodCache (pod-kash)
    n. 1. A store of goods or valuables concealed in a hiding place designed to be found by other “podcachers”.
    2. A game in which the players attempt to find hidden articles by means of a series of audio clues.

    v. 1. A geeky techy fun new way to hide things (treasure stashes) for others to find. Combining the aspects of Podcasting and Geocaching.

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