Sonny, Sandy and Sean, also known as Team PodCacher, are a family geocaching team in Southern California (aka Sunny San Diego). Sonny started geocaching back in Nov 2002 (as “iTrax”) after reading about the hobby in National Geographic Traveller magazine. He introduced Sandy to geocaching in January 2004 on their first date and she was hooked (on both him and the new hobby). They got married and started caching together as “iTrax and FoxTail”. In May 2008, Sean joined the family and they chose the name “Team PodCacher” to cache together as a family.

Family Geocaching

In the summer of 2005, Sonny started learning about podcasting and realized it was something that could be done from home, with just a small recorder and a microphone. They talked about what topic to cover and Sandy suggested geocaching.

The PodCacher Podcast was born in July 2005, as Sonny and Sandy started recording literally sitting on the couch and passing a microphone back and forth. They never dreamed it would grow to become the largest and most internationally-recognized audio show in the world about the quirky and fun outdoor hobby called Geocaching. PodCacher has been a featured podcast in Apple iTunes for the last 6+ years and has been nominated 4 times as a "Best Produced Podcast" by the Podcast Awards.

Here at PodCacher, our vision is to create a high quality, family-friendly show that will inform, inspire and entertain! We have designed a program that delivers geocaching and gps news, tips and tricks, tools of the trade, caching stories from around the world, interviews with amazing geocachers, live audio events, giveaways and much more! The PodCacher.com website (and related social media sites) has been designed to be a helpful resource, to contribute to the larger geocaching community and to deliver tons of geocaching goodness!

Welcome to the PodCacher Community!
Sonny, Sandy and Sean
Team PodCacher