PodCacher Disclaimer

Geocaching and podcaching, like any outdoor activity, carry the risk of unforeseen hazards to person and property. Factors such as weather, terrain, fitness level and experience must be considered prior to engaging in these activities. It is the responsibility of the cacher to become thoroughly familiar with the conditions in the cache area, to adequately prepare for those conditions, and to act in a safe and responsible manner with respect to those conditions and with respect to his or her personal abilities and limitations. PodCacher.com assumes no liability for events which may occur related directly or indirectly to one's hiding or searching for a podcache. Cache hiders and seekers assume all risks involved in hiding or seeking a cache.

By listening to and following the audio clues in the podcaches posted on this web site, you acknowledge the above conditions, and accept responsibility for your own actions, and agree to hold non-liable the podcache hiders, website authors, and PodCacher.com and further, agree to provide this disclaimer to any person with whom you share these audio files.