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5 Tips for International Geocaching

A Guest Post by Josh and Liz aka Peanuts or Pretzels

We really enjoy Geocaching during our international travels because it gives us a unique adventure. But there are a few things that you need to think about when you are planning to go geocaching while on vacation / holiday. We learned these lessons the hard way on our first trip to Europe. We didn’t plan ahead of time to go geocaching and we had a more difficult time finding our way. Basically, you could say that we did it the hard way! We made it work, but it kept us on the tourist path and we missed out on some caches that we have since looked back on and wish we could have found. After that first geocaching experience in Europe, we realized that we needed to be a bit more prepared. We’ve gotten a lot better at geocaching internationally since then, so as a result, here are our top 5 things that you need to know to go geocaching internationally.

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Smile! You Are On Candid Caching!

A Guest Post by Dave DeBaeremaeker aka debaere

Geocachers carry all sorts of tools with them into the field when they cache: pens, notebooks, mirrors, rope, tweezers and many other things. There is another tool that you may already be carrying, that can be very useful for caching and you may not even realize it. That tool is a camera.

Obviously cameras can be used to take pictures of your adventures, but they also have other uses which you may not be aware of. This post outlines several of those uses.

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How to Attend a Geocaching Flash Mob

Our friend, Joshua aka geocachingvlogger created a great “tips” video on How to Attend a Geocaching Flash Mob. You can check out all of his amazing videos at The Geocaching Vlogger Youtube channel.

Enjoy the video, and get ready to take part in the Biggest Geocaching World Wide Flash Mob ever!! There are now 791 events in 52 countries participating! Find out more about the WWFM at GCWWFM.com