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Show 18: All About Travel Bugs

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Today’s show is all about travel bugs – from the basics of what they are and how to create your own, to stories of unusual and unique TBs that we have encountered (or placed ourselves!) We also share some listener emails (you may be famous!!) and give our Official Once-A-Month Podcast Alley Voting Reminder (Vote Now). Note: You can see how much your ONE vote can make a difference. Check the show’s standing overall and in the technology category before AND after you vote to see the power your vote makes!

Podcast Alley VOTE:
As we promised, we are only going to do this once a month. It’s now October, the counters are reset, so we have a new opportunity to rocket up to the top of the charts!! (Or at least do a slow crawl…) Every vote counts. Thanks for taking a minute to VOTE for Podcacher.

All About Travel Bugs:


LINKS AND MORE: Show 18: All About Travel Bugs

Show 14: How to Find a Cache

In our show today, we give you an update on how the “Big Scheme” went down. THANKS for making it successful and check out the pictures to see how HIGH we ranked on Podcast Alley!! We also give you some travel bug updates, and discuss how to find a cache with listener input as well as our own ideas.

Travel Bugs:
Podcacher (the epic hunt continues) TBKEXD
Geo-Podcaster TBKBK2
Oral History Bug TBM2BA

Other Links:
We will only ask (plead?) with you to vote once a month (they reset the counter for stats each month). This is the only request you’ll hear this month. If you enjoy the content of our show, get in your September VOTE on PodcastAlley! Thank-you!!!
Michigan Cycling Podcast by DarrylW4
Leather Cache Bags
4th Annual SCG GeoFest

Finding a Cache:

Link to Geocaching.com for a

LINKS AND MORE: Show 14: How to Find a Cache

Show 12: Hiding a Cache (Part 2)

In our show today, we tell you about the San Diego Geocachers Meet and Greet Pizza Party (GCPW4C), give you some travel bug and website updates, and discuss the 2nd part of our 2-part feature – Hiding a Cache.

Click on the photo for more pics!

Travel Bugs:
Podcacher (the epic hunt continues) TBKEXD
Geo-Podcaster TBKBK2

Website Updates:
New contact form – see the Contact Us page
New PodCacher fashion wear – see the Shop page

Other Links:
Cacher statistics
Address labels for speedy cache logging!

Pardon the Podcast
The Geekcast

Hiding a Cache – part 2:

Link to Geocaching.com for a Stash Note to place in your cache container.

Military surplus on-line for Ammo Cans

Link to Geocaching Stickers

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Show 11: Hiding a Cache (part 1), Listener Mailbag and a FTF Hunt

In our show today, we send out a BIG thank-you to all of you who responded to our “shameless plea” for promotion. We really appreciate the support! Thanks for all the votes at PodcastAlley – keep ‘em coming! (It’s easy to VOTE)

Links from the Listener Mailbag:

Coghlan’s Survival Kit-in-a-can”

Travel Bugs:
Podcacher (the epic hunt continues) TBKEXD
Geo-Podcaster TBKBK2

Low-cost GPS suggestions:
Garmin eTrex
Magellan eXplorist 100
(see the SHOP page for links to Amazon.com)

First PodCache outside of San Diego:
Oldfields PodCache by Will+Bill GCQ4E1 in Indianapolis!

FTF Adventure Hunt:
Rock-n-Roll cache GCQ3G9
Flickr Photos – click here

Hiding a Cache – part 1:
Excellent article by Dave_W6DPS at Southern California Geocachers.
Hiding your First Geocache at Geocaching.com
Geocaching Bomb Scare

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Show 10: Audio Recording 101


In this show we pour out a shameless plea for podcacher promotion and give you an easy “How To” audio lesson to record your own PodCaches!


Today’s Cacher
Audacity Audio Software (Free)
Images for this show

See link to Amazon.com for voice recorder on the SHOP page.

Vote for us on Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle. Easy links on the sidebar as well.

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Show 7: Paperless Caching


Our show today is about paperless caching. We introduce you to the concept, explain the benefits we have experienced, and share our method of downloading waypoints and cache data to our GPS and PDA.

Benefits include:

saves trees!! (and money for ink cartridges) saves time and ensures accuracy (no more manual entry of coordinates into your GPS allows for flexibility and spontaneity

Links to software sites:

EasyGPS: www.easygps.com (free) Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK): www.gsak.net (free for 21 days, then $20) Gpx Spinner: www.gpxspinner.com Mapsource: www.garmin.com/cartography (cost) CacheMate: www.smittyware.com/palm/cachemate ($8) Plucker: www.plkr.org (free) iSilo: www.isilo.com (free) Geocaching Express Logger for CacheMate: http://boulter.com/geocaching/logger/

Links to resources and articles:

Geocaching.com resource Geocaching Premium Membership Wikipedia: Geocaching Software Wikipedia: Paperless Geocaching Geocacher University tutorial Florida Caching Association article Georgia Geocachers Association article

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