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Show 148.1: PMM – January 12 of 12

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On this geocaching nano-show we chat about our 12 of 12 photos on our geocaching adventure with Spindoc Bob from Australia. This is an experiment in using the Enhanced Podcast, so the best way to listen and view the photos, is with iTunes or a capable iPod.

Please give us feedback about how this podcast played for you. Does it play normally on your portable audio player?

If you don’t have iTunes, you can go to the Flickr set and follow along manually.

Have a Great Week!
Go get ‘em!


Show 132.2: Wildfire Update #2

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Another audio update from Sonny & Sandy on the current wildfire situation here in San Diego.

Images mentioned in the show: Go to the Flickr set

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Flickr photo pool – San Diego wildfires

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Show 132.1: Wildfire Update

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A first-hand report and quick audio update on the wildfire situation here in San Diego.

San Diego Fires

At the time of this posting we’re fine, but may be evacuated from our home at any moment. Sonny is at the office (he’s part of the Emergency Operations Team) and Sandy is at home with family who have been evacuated from their homes.

It’s tough to post here, but easier to post updates here at twitter:


We’ll keep you posted as we can.

A Podcast Award!

What you see in our hands is a Podcast Award Trophy!

Now given, it’s not an award that we won, and it’s actually someone else’s trophy, but it’s a trophy nonetheless.

Although we were disappointed that we didn’t actually win the award for the Best Produced podcast, we are still honored to have been NOMINATED (there were only 10!) out of all the podcasts out there!

Thanks for all your continued support and Keep on Cachin’!!!

The Podcast Expo

We’re getting ready to head off to the Podcast and New Media Expo. We’ll be sure to grab some audio and share some of the experience with you. We’re very excited about the possibility of winning the Best Produced Podcast award, and are simply amazed that we made the final nominations (you guys are the BEST!)

Here’s a link to the awards event if you’d like to watch LIVE:


Friday September 28th. Starting a Little after 4pm (Pacific)


Podcast Alley (a podcast listing) currently lists 35,213 podcasts from around the world. To have been nominated as one of the top 10 of the Best Produced, to be ranked #15 overall and #1 in the Technology category for September is just unbelievable … all because of YOU cachers out there!!!

Go Get ‘em!!!

Last Chance: The PodCacher GeoCoin

This is your LAST CHANCE to get your hands on the 2007 PodCacher Polished Nickel GeoCoin!
We are currently taking pre-orders for a 2nd and FINAL order (“The Last Wave”). DEADLINE for placing your order is September 23. Order yours now!

This a fund raiser for the PodCacher Podcast. If you enjoy the content that we provide for you on the weekly audio show, this website, or the PodCacher forums, this would be a great way to help support our efforts (and get a nice, highly-sought GeoCoin to boot!).

Google Issues

Google is not (currently) accessible from our location. We have contacted our local provider and they are clearly aware of the issue. It seems to be isolated to the Google domain. We are able to reach other sites (podcacher forums, facebook, etc.) as we would normally. The issue: ALL of our notes / links / storyboard etc. for our shows are kept organized in a Google app (Notebook). If we can’t access our information in time, we may have to postpone creating a show. This also means that we can’t access our gmail. No access to email, recent hotline call-ins or coin orders. Bummer.

Go here to discuss this issue.

Finding free WiFi

Update: We drove several miles to a free WiFi location with our laptop and are online with Google! We’re going to download all the material we need, convert it to a usable document, then head on back home. The show must go on!!!

PodCacher nominated for “Best Produced”!

We are excited to announce that PodCacher has been nominated for a 2007 Podcast Award in the category of Best Produced Podcast. A huge thanks goes out to all of you who nominated us for this category. This is a fantastic opportunity for great exposure for the PodCacher podcast and for Geocaching.

Winners will be chosen based on votes received, so we are asking for your help! Voting is open NOW until August 11. Votes can be made each day (every 24 hours) at www.PodcastAwards.com during the voting period. Please vote as often as you can – and tell your friends and family! Email your caching friends and post in your local forums and let them know that we have this opportunity to have a GEOCACHING Podcast recognized.

PodCacher Meet & Greet at the ‘Bash

We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the Midwest Geobash. Come on out to the PodCacher Meet & Greet on Saturday, July 21 from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. We have some awesome prizes donated for our raffle from the following companies. Be sure to check them out!!


You can follow our travels here