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Road Trip

We’re headed out on a weekend road-trip to Central California. We’re traveling out there to be with family for a memorial service and celebration of Sandy’s Uncle who recently passed away. You can follow our Tweets and Utterz here: It’s a new month! Please take a moment to vote and leave your comment about PodCacher […]

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Back up and on the road

PodCacher.Com is back up. Woohooo!!! For several days now this site has been down and unavailable. We’ve gone through multiple issues with our web hosting service … grrr. As you can see, we’ve resolved the issues and are back in business!!! We’ll be off on a road trip for the next several days. If you’d […]

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The new Indiana Jones movie comes out in a few days and it got me thinking. Jack Bauer of “24” and Indiana Jones both carried “Go” bags. What’s a Go-Bag? Any bag that’s got all the stuff you need to get the job done. A messenger bag, a daypack, a waist pack; the container doesn’t […]

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Counting down to the WWFM III

Only a few days till the WWFM III! All around the world: Log sheets have been printed. Swag buckets have been filled. CDs have been burned. Bags of Kisses are ready to be deployed. Flashers are ready to Flash. We stand at the ready! We look forward to attracting some positive attention and awareness out […]

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Evil Pokey Plants

I’m sure every part of the world has them. They are not in any particular Genus or Species of plant, but more like a characteristic qualifier: The Evil Pokey Plant. Not that all pokey plants are evil mind you. There are many a benevolent pokey plant out there I’m sure; those that do not poke […]

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