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Show 5: Listener Emails and More Tools

  In this short show, we read some emails that we’ve received with some great tips from listeners. We also continue with more examples of helpful tools for geocaching! Links: Flickr pics of our Tools of the Trade. The Ten Essentials (for hiking)A Photon lightLeathermanMicraSmall compassSan Diego area “CITO” Also a shamless plea for promotion…(TELL […]

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Show 4: A PodCache in The Park

Listen To The Show (Right click on a PC, or Control click on a Mac and choose to “Save�? the MP3 to your computer. Then, you can load it on your MP3 player or burn it to a CD)   This PodCache is listed on as GCPW54. In this show we do a Puzzle […]

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Show 2: The 1st Ever PodCache?

  Here it is: our first attempt at a PodCache. Download the MP3 file into a portable MP3 player and follow the directions that lead you to the hidden cache! There are some small items for trade, or simply sign the log book to document your success! Give us feedback at and let us […]

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Show 1:’s first Podcast

  Our first show introduces our podcast and lets you know what to expect in upcoming shows. Stay tuned! In this, Show #1: The Abai statue in Kazakhstan (GC8E18)Amsterdam’s Bordeaux cache (GCB49A)Mystery of Livinrgttoo (GCMR3M)Springreen (GCHXD5)Yip Yap Max’s Micro (GCN2WR)Whaley of a house (GCPB62) Listen to the podcast

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