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Show 475.0: Tribute Cache

On our geocaching podcast today, we’ll share about the unique tribute cache we created for a special person in our lives. We also have a roving report from the Maryland Star launch event, a rant about missing trackables, feedback on log signing, more winners in the WWFM XI contest and much more.   Listen To […]

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Show 474.3: PMM – GEAR Report

Listen To The Show (9:35) On this geocaching midweek micro we share some results from the GEAR study and chat about tips for introducing friends to geocaching. Geocaching for Exercise and Activity Research (GEAR) Study 11 Tips to Introduce Geocaching PodCacher Mobile Apps Sign up to become a PodCacher Supporting Member and enjoy the Member […]

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Show 474.2 / MAPP Show #19

NOTE: Show 474.2 is not a regular show. Listen to a Brief Update to hear why there is no regular show this week (4:43) Presenting MAPP Show #19: If you’re a PodCacher Supporting Member, check your email for the link to the audio file, show notes, and exclusive photos. This is our “Members Appreciation Premium […]

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Show 474.1: PMM – FTF 12 years later

Listen To The Show (21:43) On this geocaching midweek micro (which is a bit longer than a micro this time!) we feature some audio from Nezgar & Vana who interviewed 4 notable geocachers about their recent amazing accomplishment. SK Extreme 01 Photos from the Adventure Living Skies 2014 MEGA (WestCan4) event page Website for Living […]

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Show 473.0: WWFM Snapshots

On our geocaching podcast today, we’ll share some initial reports from the WWFM events around the world including some very crazy themes and stories. We also have a chat with Garmin and an exciting giveaway announcement, News from the Northwest, PodCacher apps and much more. Listen To The Show (59:12) Show Discussion: PodCacher Forums AND […]

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Show 472.1: PMM – Electro-glow Caching

Listen To The Show (9:15) On this geocaching nano-show we chat about the news of the geocaching truck driver who ran into a house, as well as an idea for using electro-sensitive paint in geocaching! Pickup hits AR home, driver says he was on a scavenger hunt Video about Electroluminescent Technology Have a Great Weekend! […]

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