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Show 484.1: PMM – Michelin Quest

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On this geocaching midweek micro we talk about the new Michelin Quest Promotion from Michelin USA and the trackables we’ll be giving away on the show. We also have some feedback and more tips on geocaching with dogs.

Michelin Quest for Adventure

Pocket Lenses website

Geocaching with Dogs

Oldest Unfound Geocache in Europe… Found! (12 years later)

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Geocaching With Dogs

Geocaching with dogsToday we want to talk about a fun subject: geocaching with dogs. Many geocachers love to take their canine friends along on the hunt. In some ways it’s no different than taking your dog to the park or on a walk. However, if geocaching will take you on a longer hike than you or your dog are used to, then here are some things to keep in mind.

Do your research:

Make sure the geocaches you plan to find have the “dogs allowed” attribute (attributes are the little black and white icons on the right side of a cache description page underneath the map) Find out the leash laws of the location where you will be geocaching Think about the length of the hike and the terrain – and how YOUR dog will do in that setting Plan for any special gear that your dog may need

Take the basics:

Doggie bags (to pick up dog poo) – check out Dicky Bags A leash Water (with a collapsible bowl) and dog treats

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Hiding a Tribute Geocache

Hiding a Tribute GeocacheHere are some tips and ideas for hiding a tribute geocache. If you have ever browsed the geocache listings and noticed the letters IHO and wondered what that stood for, it normally means “In Honor Of”. A geocacher might hide a tribute cache in honor of a fellow geocacher for a lot of reasons:

– a milestone caching achievement – a thank-you for giving back to the caching community – a birthday or other event – a joke or a challenge for that specific caching friend

Another possibility for a Tribute Cache (or an IHO “in honor of” cache) is for a friend or family member who isn’t even a geocacher. We did this recently for Sandy’s Dad’s 75th birthday celebration. Here are a few tips and things to keep in mind if you are interested in hiding a tribute geocache of your own.

First, take some time to think of what you appreciate about this person, or what interests, skills and hobbies they have. It’s really cool to have a theme for the cache that is perfectly tailored to the person you’re

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Geocaching Advice for Beginners

GeocachingSo you are a beginner geocacher and are looking for some great advice. Or perhaps you’re a veteran cacher and you want to give some awesome tips to the geocaching newbies in your life. We went on a hunt for the best geocaching advice to give a beginner, and decided to ask the experts (aka PodCacher listeners). Sometimes a question like this can generate verbose replies, so in the interest of brevity, we enlisted the help of the 140 character limit of the Twitter world. Here are the resulting tips and tricks.

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For fun, advice and safety, beginners should find an experienced geocacher to go caching with. Attend an event and introduce yourself.

Please type more than TFTC (thanks for the cache) on your online log, log DNF’s (did-not-find’s) and don’t hide your own cache till you find at least 50.

Carry extra batteries for your GPSr and flashlight.

Bring bug spray with you.

Don’t give up. Read all clues thoroughly and keep an open mind; there are some diabolical cache hiders out there.

Start with simple ones. Don’t

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Log Drying Tips

Geocache logsheetOne thing we love to share on our PodCacher show are tips and tricks – for newbies and veteran cachers alike. On one show we talked about geocaching on a very rainy weekend, which is a bit unusual for us here in Sunny San Diego, but it does happen! We encountered a small container with a rolled up log that was completely drenched. Now as you all know, there are few things worse than a totally wet log in a geocache (well, except no geocache at all!). The one requirement for logging a geocache and getting a smiley (other than actually finding it) is to sign the log. This is very hard to do when the paper is damp or soggy. It’s always a good idea to carry spare logbooks or logsheets with you in your cache bag. But the downside to replacing the log is that all the prior signatures will be gone! If you CAN dry out a log, that’s an awesome thing to do for the cache owner.

Geocache Log Drying
<p><strong><font color=LINKS AND MORE: Log Drying Tips

Show 480.0: Murphy’s Laws in Geocaching

On our geocaching podcast today, we share some stories based on Murphy’s geocaching laws.

We also have a story of caching by freighter, a bonus news item about police joining the geocaching craze, tips for tracking cache to cache distance, items added to the PodCacher Treasure Cache and much more.

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Show 479.1: PMM – International Geocaching

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On this geocaching midweek micro we chat about some tips for international geocaching and mention an upcoming post on How to Host an Event.

2 Continents 1 Day

5 Tips for International Geocaching – guest post by Josh and Liz of Peanuts or Pretzels Blog

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5 Tips for International Geocaching

A Guest Post by Josh and Liz aka Peanuts or Pretzels

We really enjoy Geocaching during our international travels because it gives us a unique adventure. But there are a few things that you need to think about when you are planning to go geocaching while on vacation / holiday. We learned these lessons the hard way on our first trip to Europe. We didn’t plan ahead of time to go geocaching and we had a more difficult time finding our way. Basically, you could say that we did it the hard way! We made it work, but it kept us on the tourist path and we missed out on some caches that we have since looked back on and wish we could have found. After that first geocaching experience in Europe, we realized that we needed to be a bit more prepared. We’ve gotten a lot better at geocaching internationally since then, so as a result, here are our top 5 things that you need to know to go geocaching internationally.

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Show 474.3: PMM – GEAR Report

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On this geocaching midweek micro we share some results from the GEAR study and chat about tips for introducing friends to geocaching.

Geocaching for Exercise and Activity Research (GEAR) Study

11 Tips to Introduce Geocaching

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11 Tips to Introduce Geocaching

11tipsintroYou know how it goes. You try to talk to your friends and family about your fun hobby called Geocaching. You get the typical “Geo-what?” response, or the quizzical look as you try to explain – the look that quickly turns into the bemused, long-suffering expression as you get more and more animated. Finally they try to end the conversation with a semi-sincere, “You’ll have to take me out with you sometime and show me.” Ah-ha! You’ve got them! Pick a date, put it on the calendar and start planning your trip. With these helpful tips, you’ll have a fun time AND you just might have some new converts to go geocaching with you!

1 - Take them to geocaches that you have found. I know, I know. It’s really tempting to try out a new hide that you’re dying to find – you gotta get those numbers up, after all!! – but DON’T. If you take some newbies to a cache you’re not familiar with and you run into ANY type of problem: a less-than-ideal location (think lots of trash), a broken container,

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