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Tips and Tricks in Geocaching

Show 373.0: TravelCaching Kentucky / Indiana

On our geocaching podcast today, we take you along with us on our travelcaching adventure to Kentucky and Indiana for Geowoodstock X. We will also share some information on geotrails, a great story about trying to help police with their inquiries, feedback on spawn or seed geocaches, some generous and thoughtful geocachers, and an update […]

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Geocaching Trade Items: Things you should NEVER put in a cache and a few that you should

As a Geocacher, you know that one of the things that can make finding a cache fun is the treasure, the goodies, the swag, the trade items that you might discover (especially for younger hunters). If you’ve been geocaching for a while, you probably also know that the quality and appropriateness of swag can vary […]

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Show 358.0 – Indie Bands & Movie-makers

On our geocaching podcast today, we’ll share about an interesting geocaching movie idea as well as a web-series that combines indie rock bands and geocaching. We also have some feedback on pre-finding, caching in state parks and instant notifications, as well as another listener question, a cool caching series, an interesting (and a bit different) […]

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