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Geocaching Limerick Contest

Here’s your chance to flex your creativity and enter for a chance to win some cool geocaching swag, generously donated by Geocaching HQ.

You may enter up to 3 different Limericks (each on separate forms)
They must have a geocaching-related theme.
They must be family friendly!
They must follow the standard Limerick format (3 long and 2 short lines rhyming aabba)

Note: In a Limerick, the first 2 lines rhyme with the last line, and the 3rd and 4th lines rhyme together and there is often a humorous twist.

To enter this contest, fill out this simple form.

A panel of select Geocaching HQ aficionados will pick the winners.

Contest entry deadline: Friday April 11, 2014

Listen to the PodCacher Podcast at podcacher.com for the winner announcement!

An Example:

An urban family went caching
To locate what ranchers were stashing;
They disturbed many crickets
And found a few trinkets
Though the steers kept them constantly dashing.

A (non-geocaching) Example:

Writing a Limerick’s absurd,
Line one and line five rhyme in word,
And just as you’ve reckoned
They rhyme with the second;
The fourth line must rhyme with the third.