Race to Norway GPS Contest

Welcome to a great new contest, brought to you by PodCacher.com - the podcast all about geocaching. If you are new to the podcast, welcome!

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We're excited to give you a chance to win a Magellan eXplorist GC donated by Magellan, and the opportunity to participate in a fun Travel Bug race.

You can enter the contest in several ways:

1. Launch a Travel Bug to participate in the race to Norway. You must follow these steps:

  • Begin your travel bug's name with "2014 Race to Norway" and then add your caching name, or location
  • Print THIS DOCUMENT and include it with your travel bug (you can put them together in a ziplock bag or laminate the text and attach it to the travel bug). Include the same information on your travel bug page.
  • Give your travel bug the goal of reaching THIS EVENT: Savalen 2014 (GC4YT76) by July 19, 2014
  • Tell us about your travel bug by filling out THIS FORM.
  • 2. Discover or Move one of the "2014 Race to Norway" travel bugs

  • Find a "2014 Race to Norway" travel bug near you and either discover it or move it along towards its goal.
  • Then let us know you want to enter the contest by filling out THIS FORM.
  • Contest entry deadline: July 19, 2014

    Winner will be chosen by dice roll and will be announced on the PodCacher show shortly after the deadline date.