The Great PodCacher Postcard contest

Win a pick from the PodCacher Prize Vault in this fun contest to help you spread the word about your favorite podcast (PodCacher, of course!)

Buy a postcard from your local area
Write YOUR geocaching name at the TOP of the post card
Tell us a little about your part of the world
Write the names of your best geocaching buddies on this post card and mail it to us at:

P.O. Box 2288
San Marcos, California 92079

Once this contest is wrapped, we'll choose a winning postcard. If your name is at the top of that postcard, you will be a winner! In addition, we will roll the dice to choose ANOTHER winner from all the names on your post card.

Here's a little sneaky tip for you: Buy some extra postcards. Attend a geocaching event and tell people that they can win cool swag from PodCacher AND increase your chances of winning too by playing the Great PodCacher Postcard contest. Ask them to write THEIR caching name at the top of the postcard that you hand them (put a stamp on it if you're really nice) and have them fill it out with other geocacher names INCLUDING yours!

The more your name appears on post cards, the more chances you have to win!!

Remember though, YOUR name can only appear at the top of one card, but can appear again and again on friends cards!

Please write legibly!!

Contest entry deadline: Postmarked by April 30, 2010