The Great PodCacher TB Migration – Take 2

Summary: Listeners all over the world will start a simple travel bug, a TB tag attached to any container with a log sheet inside. They will be named in a standard way and have a standard document/log sheet inside. The TBs will start to travel, gathering names on the log sheet. The goal will be to gather as many names as possible, and then travel to San Diego by July 10, 2008, to be placed in the following cache: GCXA12 (The PodCacher Treasure Cache). The winning TB will be chosen by raffle from the ones who make it to San Diego by the deadline. After the winning TB is chosen, we will choose a winner (by dice roll) from the names on the log sheet inside that travel bug.

Prizes: The person who started the winning TB will get a PodCacher GEOCOIN. The name picked from inside the travel bug will be able to choose a prize from our current prize vault.

Raffle tickets will be awarded to Travel Bugs as follows:

  • arrival in San Diego by deadline - 1 ticket
  • for every 25 names on the log - 1 additional ticket
    1. Releasing a Travel Bug:
      Step 1: Create your travel bug by attaching a TB tag to a container of your choice (i.e. a film canister)
      Step 2: Print the log sheet to put inside your TB
      Here are 2 possible PDF files: Log Sheet and Log Sheet Mini
      Step 3: Name your travel bug as follows: "PodCacher TB Migration by YOUR CACHING NAME"
      Step 4: Release your TB and send us the link so we can watch it with you

      So, in order to win a prize, you could START one of the TBs, or you could make sure that you sign your name on one of their logs. You might want to coordinate in your local caching groups to see who will start the TB for your area.

      Additional Rules:

    2. Current TB Migration participants can continue to play (your goal should be updated)
    3. Current TB Migration participants that reached San Diego will be mailed back to their owners to start again
    4. TBs must travel alone, not in groups
    5. A geocacher may only start ONE travel bug, but may sign his or her name to any TB they come across
    6. TBs may be mailed to other geocachers (but NOT to the PodCacher PO Box)
      1. NOTICE: Rules subject to change without notice (in case we forgot to think of something 🙂 )