What is Podcasting?

1. Certain people record radio-type shows on an MP3 file.
2. These MP3 shows are posted on the Internet.
3. Other people can download these shows onto their MP3 players and listen to them.

What's the big deal?: It is possible (and rather simple) to "subscribe" (for free) to a podcast. After you do this, all you need to do is plug in your MP3 player to your computer and new shows will be downloaded automatically.

This makes it easy for people to get current shows on their MP3 player and listen to them at their own convenience.

Download free software to get podcasts

Doppler - http://www.dopplerradio.net (Windows only)
iPodder - http://ipodder.sourceforge.net (Windows, Apple & Linux)
iPodderX - http://ipodderx.com (Apple only)
NewsGator - http://www.newsgator.com (Windows only)
PPR - http://primetimepodcast.com (Windows Only)

Then: Use this line to subscribe to the PodCacher Podcast:

(Note this line is not a "normal" web page to view. You will need to paste this line into your podcasting software to tell it what address to subscribe to)

Learn How to Subscribe

More info on podcasting from Wikipedia