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Module 1 Sunday Oct 11, 2015  
Unit 1 JCHT - Intro, Mills & Wheels, Let your Light Shine
Unit 2 JCHT - Schoolhouse, Brick in the Wall, Light at the end of the Tunnel
Unit 3 JCHT - Key to Farm, Fly like Eagle, Mailbox
Unit 4 JCHT - Secret of the Opera House
Unit 5 JCHT - Don't get Schooled, Happy Place, Comfy Seats
Unit 6 JCHT - Got Ether?
Module 2 Monday Oct 12, 2015  
Unit 1 South Carolina, Tugaloo and Tallulah Gorge
Unit 2 Unicoi State Park
Unit 3 Smithgall Woods and Don Carter State Parks
Module 3 Tuesday Oct 13, 2015  
Unit 1 Fort Yargo and Dahlonega Gold Museum
Unit 2 Amicalola Falls State Park
Module 4 Wednesday Oct 14, 2015  
Unit 1 Etowah Indian Mounds and Red Top Mountain
Unit 2 Downtown Atlanta: CNN and World of Coke
Module 5 Thursday Oct 15, 2015  
Unit 1 Parade of Kingdoms
Unit 2 Trivia Classic at the Stadium
Module 6 Friday Oct 16, 2015  
Unit 1 The Puzzles of Going Caching
Unit 2 Caching with Kingdom Friends
Unit 3 Seven Kingdom Challenge
Unit 4 Riding the Roman Holiday River Boat
Unit 5 Chat with Popeye the Sailor
Unit 6 The Castle!!
Unit 7 Kingdom Games
Module 7 Saturday Oct 17, 2015  
Unit 1 Going Caching 2015 Kicks Off
Unit 2 Chat with Georgia State Parks
Unit 3 Chat with Tampa Bay Geocaching Store
Unit 4 Going Caching for Kids
Unit 5 Lab Caches at Going Caching 2015
Unit 6 Fun and Games at Going Caching 2015
Unit 7 Wedding and Masquerade Ball
Module 8 Sunday Oct 18, 2015  
Unit 1 Tom Fulton of the GGA
Unit 2 Interview with Andi and Jim
Unit 3 Ben and Jamie from Geocaching HQ
Unit 4 State Park Group Caching
Module 9 Monday Oct 19, 2015  
Unit 1 Farewell to Georgia and Airport cache in Colorado
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