Google Issues

Google is not (currently) accessible from our location. We have contacted our local provider and they are clearly aware of the issue. It seems to be isolated to the Google domain. We are able to reach other sites (podcacher forums, facebook, etc.) as we would normally. The issue: ALL of our notes / links / storyboard etc. for our shows are kept organized in a Google app (Notebook). If we can't access our information in time, we may have to postpone creating a show. This also means that we can't access our gmail. No access to email, recent hotline call-ins or coin orders. Bummer.

Go here to discuss this issue.

Finding free WiFi

Update: We drove several miles to a free WiFi location with our laptop and are online with Google! We're going to download all the material we need, convert it to a usable document, then head on back home. The show must go on!!!

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