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  • Exclusive Audio and Video Content (over 50 videos!)
  • Downloadable 50-page photo album including images not posted anywhere else AND behind-the-scenes descriptions of some of the pictures
  • A printed "PodCacher at Geowoodstock" photo that we will autograph and mail to you directly
  • Coverage of our geocaching adventures in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
  • Coverage of events, highly-favorited geocaches, the world-famous Gadget Geotrail, lots of great interviews and much more!
  • A one-of-a-kind gourmet waffle recipe with audio chef notes
  • Sean's personal travel journal in written and audio format

YOU Will Enjoy This Media Package...

  • If you attended Geowoodstock XIII and would love to have a unique souvenir in the form of audio, video and photos
  • If you had to miss Geowoodstock XIII but would love to get a glimpse into what it's all about
  • If you love the "Sonny and Sandy" TravelCaching episodes on PodCacher (full of adventure, humor and fun)
  • If you would love to "come along with us" as we geocache through Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania on our way to the big event





We are so confident you will love the Geowoodstock XIII Experience Bundle that we want you to check it out for up to 14 days, risk-free. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us for a FULL refund. 

Video, Audio, Photos and more in the BUNDLE!

Arriving at Washington DC in Heavy Rain

Opening from the Jefferson Monument

Our view from in front of Washington Monument

Walking through DC

Our view from the front of Lincoln Memorial

Sandy and Sean in front of Lincoln Memorial

At the Korean War Memorial

Heavy Rain at Korean War Memorial

At the Vietnam War Memorial

In front of the White House (sort of)

Ending our day near the Jefferson Monument

Travelling the DC subway

Visiting the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

Walking from Nat Hist to go UP the Washington Monument!

A view from inside the Washington Monument

Looking out at DC from the top of the Washington Monument

Inside the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

THE Wright Flyer

Walking to find a Planetary Virtual Cache

Ending our day at The Capitol

Taking a break at the Arlington National Cemetery

An Arlington National Cemetery big overview

Changing of the Guard for the Unknown Soldier

Leaving Arlington to go to THE Pentagon

A closer look at the Pentagon 911 Memorial

Driving to meet up with Great Caches

Interview with Great Caches Danny and Daniel

Going to find 3 caches in 3 states in less than 30 minutes (actually 18 minutes!)

Getting Lost and Finding an Awesome LPC

WVTim’s Solar Powered Cache

Meeting at a Library Bird House. Bring jumper cables!

Talking to the Librarian of the Library Cache.

Solving a WVTim cache outside and local orchard store

Finding another awesome LPC under a lamp post. (you won’t believe this one!)

Finding a cache that requires centrifugal force?!

Visiting a Historical House, solving a gadget cache and running into cachers

An Etch A Sketch Cache

State Farm Cache with a Battery

See and Hear a Musical Gadget Cache

Interview with Astronut from NASA

Solving the This Old House Gadget cache

Seeing other cachers at a WVTim cache

A cache that requires you to blow up a balloon to open it

Sean meets chickens at WVTim’s house

See the inside of WVTim’s Gadget Cache Workshop!

A smelly gadgetcache

Finding the 1 Millionth Active Geocache in the US

Driving around Gettysburg

The new KFC Spork

At the Gettysburg Visitor’s Center (no backpacks allowed)

Checking out monuments at Gettysburg

Sandy at a Gettysburg Peace Monument

Climbing a (very high) Observation Tower for a Virtual Geocache

Interviewing LP Yankee Fan: Psycho Urban Caches

1st caching event of the morning on Friday: Meet the Mamas where we meet Wendy

A closer look at a WVTim cache

Doing an Earthcache at a local park

Exploring Antietam Battlefield

Finding a Cemetery Cache

Checking out Cache Advance’s GeoWoodstock Booth

Taking a tour of the GeoWoodstock Grounds

Signing the PreGeoWoodtock Event Log (Baltimore Oriole)

The morning of GeoWoodstock

Chatting with HeadHardHat and HeadHardHattress

How do you take a GeoWoodstock Photo of “everyone”?

Taking a tour of the HUGE vendor pavilion

Playing in the kids section

Chatting with Mike at PathTags

Checking out Lab Caches

Chatting with Laura of the Martinsburg Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Chatting with Mike about the plans for the NEXT GeoWoodstock in Colorado

Walking around the Midnight Madness GeoCoin Event

Chatting with Brian about how things went for THIS GeoWoodstock

Finding “Welcome to Martinsburg” TOUGH Geocache and chatting with other finders

Finding a WVTim Gadget Cache and showing you the mechanism inside it!

Check out the Lego Brick Cache

Getting some Downtime at Sandy’s Aunt’s and Uncle’s House

The Gourmet Waffle Recipe!

Visiting Monticello

Sean reading to me

Leaving the backwoods of Virginia

At the Smithsonian Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum

Clean Escape Bathroom Door Opener. Easy Peezy!

Heading home from the Dulles Airport

Sean working on his journal on the plane






We are so confident you will love the Geowoodstock XIII Experience Bundle that we want you to check it out for up to 14 days, risk-free. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us for a FULL refund. 

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