Garmin Vista vs Magellan 210

Garmin Vista vs Magellan 210
1) Vista is smaller, easier to hold
2) Battery settings for different type batteries (NiCad, NiMh, Alkaline, carbon)
3) Good resolution on screen, very clear display
4) Battery case opens more easily
5) Joy stick easier to move
6) Rubber around case is good to hold and to stay on the dashboard of your car

1) Joy stick doesn't seem to fit either left or right handed operation (maybe left?)
2) Joy stick may be too easy to move
3) Altering or entering digits is quite different from the Magellan, it takes some practice.
4) Seemed to loose satellite signals under trees more easily
5) Serial port is much slower than the 210's USB connection.
6) The display is a bit smaller than the 210, but has better resolution.

Conclusion Garmin vs Magellan
The Vista is quite nice, I think I would be happy using the unit. The 210 has USB and that is much faster for loading Geocaches. The Vista display is clearer and smoother and less pixilated than the 210, making it is easier to read, but the 210 display is a bit larger. Both the 210 and the Vista update their displays faster than the SporTrac, and that is nice when hunting a cache. The Magellan units seem to be a bit better receiving the GPS signals, the Vista seemed to loose contact in the car, under trees and once when just moving around. (It could be that the Magellan units just don't tell you when the signal is lost, so it is more obvious with the Vista (???)) This is probably a religious issue, if you start with Magellan it is easier to stay with Magellan; and stay with Garmin if that is where you learned about GPS units. Another issue is cost, the 210 is cheaper than the Vista.