Magellan 210 vs SporTrak

Magellan 210 vs SporTrak
1) 210 display has better resolution
2) 210 is faster
3) 210 is smaller
4) 210 has a rubber like ring around the case, good to hold.
5) 210 basemap is better (but missed part of I70)
6) 210 USB download is much faster
7) 210 to PC file system is fast, clean and easy, just another directory tree
8) 210 seems to work better, faster, clearer, nice separate cache sets
9) 210 backlit display good

1) 210 harder to hook up the USB cable, the screw, handle and connector is smaller
2) 210 is harder to access battery box, screw and handle is smaller
3) 210 battery cover seems weak
4) 210 takes more key presses to start, you have to wait for “Checking Mediaâ€? to finish before accepting Enter to skip warning and its auto shutdown. A Real Pain!
5) 210 has a .25 inch shorter display (resolution is better though)
6) 210 has reversed + and - zoom keys from SporTrak ???
7) 210 only hold 200 waypoints per cache file, it doesn't warn if more points, just truncates caches. Documentation on the 200 limitation is not in online PDF file.
8) Switching to other GeoCache cache files is complex and not documented well (Menu->Advanced Preferences->Geocaches->choose file)
9) 210 joy stick is somewhat hard to move, SporTrak button was easier.

Conclusion 210 vs SporTrak:
Nice improvement over the SporTrak, the speed/quickness is very nice along with the display, the smaller size makes it easier to carry, but the larger GeoCache file (500 vs 200) on the SporTrak is very nice. Having multiple GeoCache files is very nice on the 210 if you are covering separate distinct areas. The wait during “Checking Mediaâ€? is a pain, it should allow an early pre-click like the SporTrak.

It would also be nice to be able to search within the cache files for a specific range of cache names, or to be able to page ahead instead of slowly going from one cache to the next, even a fast scroll would help a lot.