New Souvenirs from

Click the player below for some up-to-the-minute news on souvenirs. Hover over the tiny image and you’ll see a larger version of the artwork for South Africa.

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  1. Cache on Wheels March 6, 2013 at 6:25 pm #

    The souvenirs are amazing – we just got awarded Nerherlands, France, UK & Denmark :)
    We already had 5 for Germany we got awarded at the time last summer :)
    5/6 countries we have cached in I’d pretty good :)
    Just a shame we don’t have one for Belgium, whets we cached.
    It’s a shame some countries have them for all districts etc when not even all countries have not even got a souvenir at all

    I think at least all of the countries that have caches in them should get a souvenirs :)

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