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Cache Quest or Cash Quest?

Is this a good thing? Found this site: CacheQuest Apparently if you join for $19.95 a month, you can hunt down caches that have vouchers in them. The vouchers are worth $100. What do you think about this? Would you pay $19.95 month? What if the cash-cache (hey now there’s a new genre!) was over […]

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GPS The Movie???

Geocaching in the media becoming “mainstream”? I was just sent this tip from one of our listeners (Borten): GPS The Movie Several months ago, geocaching was apparently part of a story in the TV show “Law and Order”. I didn’t actually see the episode, but I have heard that the show did a poor job […]

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Geocaching in Education

Here is one story of how a teacher is using Geocaching in Education! I think this is great! As many of you experienced cachers already know, geocaching can involve a lot more than just “following the arrow to the tupperware”. Although Sandy and I like the cache-and-dash / drive-up style caches that let you quickly […]

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