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Show 14: How to Find a Cache

In our show today, we give you an update on how the “Big Scheme” went down. THANKS for making it successful and check out the pictures to see how HIGH we ranked on Podcast Alley!! We also give you some travel bug updates, and discuss how to find a cache with listener input as well […]

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Special Edition Show: Hurricane Katrina

Special brief show today. Our hearts go out to the people affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster. We will be praying and sending what we can to help. Here are links (from to some of the many aid agencies, if you would like to help in some way. Thanks for caring! Hurricane Katrina Disaster […]

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Show 13: Hiking Sticks & the Big Scheme

In our “sniffly” show today, we start off with some listener emails and feedback, then fill you in on the “Big Scheme” for hitting the top ranks at Podcast Alley (no matter how briefly!!), and finally we give you a “tools of the trade” segment on hiking sticks! Check out all the great links below, […]

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Promo #2 (Short)

This is a short promo to let people know about our site. Podcasting started as a “grassroots” made-in-a-garage (or dining table in our case) phenomenon. Podcasters share these with each other to help promote their sites, so you may hear our promo on another podcast that you listen to! It’s a quick, efficient way to […]

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How do you listen to our shows?

We were just curious … how do you listen to our shows? Do you listen on your computer? A portable MP3 player? Do you burn them to CD? If you download the files, how are you going about that? Do you use an aggregator (such as ipodder or iTunes)? Do you download them manually by […]

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