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Show 18: All About Travel Bugs

Listen To The Show Today’s show is all about travel bugs – from the basics of what they are and how to create your own, to stories of unusual and unique TBs that we have encountered (or placed ourselves!) We also share some listener emails (you may be famous!!) and give our Official Once-A-Month Podcast […]

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Show 17: Waymarking & Listener Map

Listen To The Show Fresh from our vacation up the coast of California and over to Yosemite National Park, we regale you with stories about our trip and some of the caching adventures we had along the way. We have a few pictures (big surprise!!) to share with you as well. Click on the pic […]

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Show 16: (NanoShow) Where You At?

We are just about ready to take off on our vacation / road trip. We’ll be heading up the coast in the lil’ green Miata, doing some caching along the way. We’ll take plenty of pics and record when we can. One request while we’re off gallivanting about: Where are you from? We plan to […]

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Show 14: How to Find a Cache

In our show today, we give you an update on how the “Big Scheme” went down. THANKS for making it successful and check out the pictures to see how HIGH we ranked on Podcast Alley!! We also give you some travel bug updates, and discuss how to find a cache with listener input as well […]

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