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On our geocaching podcast today, we take you with us on a quick road trip out to Palm Desert to visit family for Christmas. Along the way we chat about all sorts of geocaching goodness including several geocaching/GPS news items, some great resources and tips for you about tracking your geocaching stats and a creative cache container that's appropriate for the desert. We also share a number of listener rants and raves and a "warm-your-heart" story about an LPC.

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Links mentioned in the show
Shortcut may cost geocachers
Most lost motorists blame GPS units
Geocaching and the Boy Scouts of America centennial celebration
BSA - Get in the Game with Geocaching
100 Years of Scouting Minsi Trails Council geocache

Needle in Haystack creative cache container - on ErikaJean's geocaching blog
VIEW CARRE ' cache

Tools for tracking your Geocaching Stats
GSAK - Geocaching Swiss Army Knife - example profile: JMTBuzz
MyGeocachingProfile - example profile: jeffbouldin
INATN - ItsNotAboutTheNumbers - example profile: Narniaexpert
CacheStats - example profile: GeoQuest Pirates
GCStatistic - example profile: MacDefender
FindStats and PQStats
gcStats - a WordPress plugin
Geocaching Stats aritcle - at the Caching Up! blog

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