Show 441.0: More Dr. PodCacher

On our geocaching podcast today, we have some interesting questions for Dr. PodCacher including one about a tricky cache and one about taking a risk.

We also share a listener rant regarding private property issues, another great story about geocaching intersecting with real life, a unique trademark log photo and much more.

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One Response to Show 441.0: More Dr. PodCacher

  1. Dittosmom October 29, 2013 at 3:57 pm #

    Hi Sonny and Sandy. I listened to the message from the cacher on your October 20th show, who wanted to get a cache while on layover at Miami airport, so she could grab a Florida Souvenir, and two things occurred to me.
    1) Wouldn’t it be great if Groundspeak again allowed the placement of virtual caches in airports? Since physical cache containers aren’t allowed in terminals – and one isn’t likely to be able to place an earthcache inside an airport – it means that cachers waiting for flight connections have nothing to do! There’s a grandfathered virtual in O’hare airport which I (and several other cachers I know) have grabbed to give us that Illinois Souvenir. It was so much fun to use my layover time tracking down the right GZ. I hear that there are other airports around the world with virtuals (is there a list somewhere?). It would be nice to have this one exception.
    2) If there is a local website for Miami-area geocachers, this traveling cacher could post her request there, and someone just might be willing to pop over to the airport and take her out for a quick cache-grab. It’s certainly worth the asking.

    That’s it. Thanks for the great show and keep on caching!
    Dittosmom in San Jose, Ca.

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