Show 476.0: Jasmer Challenge

On our geocaching podcast today, we're going to discuss the Jasmer Challenge.

We also have the story of a find attempt thwarted by a hawk, a journey to find those first early caches, how to use Project-GC with the Jasmer challenge, the Geocaching Trackable Challenge and much more.
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One Response to Show 476.0: Jasmer Challenge

  1. jasmerb March 18, 2015 at 5:08 am #

    As the creator of the original Jasmer Challenge, I see no reason why virtuals shouldn’t count, at least for me and my edition of the cache (Northern California). But like the podcast said, check with the individual Jasmer Challenge owner. If it isn’t explicitly called out as forbidden, you can probably just assume it is OK.

    When I created my challenge, I didn’t even consider virtuals. I guess I assumed that they came later in the life of geocaching, so it wasn’t even a concern. I wonder when each of the different types of caches (virtuals, multis, mystery, etc) came into existence. If anyone knows, drop me a line on

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