Show 501.1 / MAPP Show #21

NOTE: Show 501.1 is not a regular show.
Listen to a Brief Update to hear why there is no regular show this week (7:15)

Presenting MAPP Show #21:
If you're a PodCacher Premium Member, check your email for the link to the audio file, show notes, and exclusive photos.

This is our "Members Appreciation Premium Perk Show", released as BONUS content for all of our Premium Members.

In this full featured content-packed show, you'll hear
* a report from a Mega event that made an important contribution to their community
* about another very cool cache
* an unusual cache rescue story
* a connection between toilet seats and geocaching
* an interesting look at the ultimate camo job
* some special giveaways and much more geocaching goodness

As a BONUS, we are including links to 3 behind-the-scenes videos from Team Podcacher
* a video from our trip to Hawaii that takes you along with us hiking through a tropical jungle into a volcanic crater (yes, you can hear the crunch of the lava rock as we walk along) followed by a stop at the Devil’s Throat crater
* video from inside the Thurston Lava Tube in Hawaii
* a fun quick video of a cache we recently found near San Diego Bay

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