Show 576.0: All I Want for (Geocaching) Christmas…

On our geocaching podcast today we have some gift ideas for your favorite geocacher (or yourself) in the PodCacher Geocaching Gear Gift Guide. We also announce a FREE GIFT for YOU and share some ridiculously absurd Geocaching App suggestions, fun with geocaching stats and much more.

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Links mentioned in the show
Inside Geocaching HQ podcast - episode 1
Cachly Geocaching App - version 2.0 released Dec 5 from Nov 2000 on the Wayback machine
Urban Adventures Geocaching promotion and contest
Interesting facts about logged D/T per type - by ProjectGC

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Geocaching Christmas Gift Ideas
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Charlie the PodCacher Geocaching Chihuahua Cachekinz
Tilley Endurables T4 Cotton Duck Hat
Leatherman Wave Multitool
Gerber Dime
Fujifilm X-T10 with 18mm - 55mm lens
Nalgene Water Bottle
Motorola Talkabout 2 way radios
Black Diamond Headlamp
Fisher Space Pen: Trekker Model
Bison Tube: 5 piece
Touch Capacitive Gloves
Tactical Pants
How To Puzzle Cache book
Sean and Friends Go Geocaching Coloring Book
Sean and Friends Go Geocaching Coloring Book - AUTOGRAPHED by SEAN

TOTT - Tools Of The Trade Starter Set - Shop Geocaching
TOTT: Tools Of The Trade Kit - Cache Advance

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2 Responses to Show 576.0: All I Want for (Geocaching) Christmas…

  1. hidegoseek December 6, 2016 at 8:50 pm #

    One explanation for mystery caches dominating the “single type Fizzy grid” might be due to all the challenge caches that have the puzzle icon. Many challenge cache owners explain on their challenge cache page that the listed D/T rating is based on the difficulty of fulfilling the challenge and cumulative terrains and not on the actual cache hide. I’m working on the Unknown Fizzy Challenge (GC4VAGV) and have the higher D/T ratings pretty much covered because of challenges. Conversely, I have big gaps in the lower D/T grid boxes since those seem to be harder to come by, at least for me.

    And it’s not surprising that nobody has completed an event type Fizzy grid. The D/T combinations are pretty much limited for events, although I know of one event that was listed as a 5/5 and it was held at an Oregon pizza parlor. Go figure! ?

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