Show 583.0: GSAK with Chris Hache

On our geocaching podcast today we have an interview with Chris Hache aka Koalacanuckpapa about GSAK, the Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. We also share a new Facebook group you may be interested in, an amazing caching streak, GPS and space weather and much more.
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Links mentioned in the show
First-ever GPS data release to boost space-weather science

The Next Stage - Multi-Caches - Facebook group

GSAK website
Chris Hache GSAK Tutorial Videos
Geocaching Colorado website
ProjectGC website
Norad Santa Tracking website

Day #3654 event - Utah
Dungeon and Dragons - Ohio

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2 Responses to Show 583.0: GSAK with Chris Hache

  1. J.D. - KidVegas19
    J.D. - KidVegas19 February 7, 2017 at 10:46 pm #

    What timing! We scheduled an event for Friday February 2nd called GSAK 101 but it was cancelled due to the 37 feet of snow (I haven’t fact checked that for certain but I’m sure it’s close) we received during the day. The event is rescheduled for this Friday the 10th replacing our GSAK 201 event (assuming the creek don’t rise). I pop this show into the old Sony Podman on the 6th and, voila! we now have another great resource to present to our attendees! Thanks for the episode. I look forward to the conclusion next week. I have a feeling it will be beneficial for us for the 201 event which is rescheduled into March.

    Timing is everything…

  2. PodCacher February 8, 2017 at 8:11 pm #

    Hey that’s great! Hope your event(s) go well.

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