Show 589.0: Epic Geocaching FTF Adventure

On our geocaching podcast today we have the story of an epic and historic FTF adventure to an old Earthcache in New Zealand plus an upcoming Geotrip across Europe to attempt a difficult geocaching feat. We also share about a lost travel bug found after 14 years missing, an exciting new contest related to the 3 millionth active cache, the upcoming logging rule changes and much more.

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Links mentioned in the show
Upcoming Logging Rule Changes - in the Forums
Logging discussion on the GSAK forums
Changes to logging - further discussion in the Forums

GCCO's Amazing Race III: Revenge of the Cheyenne - June 24 in Colorado
Tigger The Baby Tiger - TB found after 14 years missing!

Ultramafic Magnificence - Earthcache in New Zealand
Five Passes Route New Zealand - From The Hiking Life
Mount Aspiring National Park

GeoTrip17 - Geocaching Road Trip - April 15 - 4 dudes from Finland - 15 caches in 24 hours

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One Response to Show 589.0: Epic Geocaching FTF Adventure

  1. April 3, 2017 at 2:31 pm #

    I was going to post on some other stuff, but after hearing that coon&bud was a contest winner I got all excited and forgot everything else. At the recent Texas Challenge, I played for the Out of State Team and took two cachers along with me in my car. One was the Lackey ponystream, and the other was coon&bud. Our team did awesome as we placed second in the event. We beat teams from five other Texas regions. Woo hoo!

    OK, now that I looked up at the show notes. I’m a little disappointed with the rule changes. I used the Needs Maintenance for my caches. I know there are work arounds, but they don’t do the same thing. SO my work around will be getting the wife or someone else to log a Needs Maintenance for me.

    Multiple logs for caches. My area had some caches that would allow you a second find for photos with special items at the cache. There was another that had you doing the YMCA on a busy intersection. I had mixed feelings but was generally ok with it as I saw it as just another minor variation of the game.

    Logging your own caches. Back when you could make a Challenge cache for a challenge you had yet to achieve, I made a couple. When I completed the challenge I did log my cache. It wasn’t a numbers padding thing. It was to show I achieved my goal. I have over 10,000 cache finds. My logs of my owns are such a minute percentage it barely registers. Same with the double logs of others.

    There were people in the beginning who logged their own finds with sock puppet accounts. I used to have a problem with that but I got over it. It’s those people who people who put out the original caches and stuck with the game who got it to where it is today. Those that are still playing are in 4 and 5 digit find ranges. I’m okay with their sock puppet finds because in the scheme of things theirs percentage of sock puppet finds are nothing and it’s a small way to reward them.

    I hear people say it’s not about the numbers. But those same people are looking at the numbers. If it were truly not about the numbers, we wouldn’t have GSAK and Project GC making all those statistics for us, and Cacherstats wouldn’t be ranking us. To me, in one sense it really isn’t about the numbers. But I use those statistics as goals and motivations. So sometimes, it is about the numbers, but my numbers.

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