Show 592.0: Cache Hiders’ Fizzy Grid

On our geocaching podcast today we have a discussion and feedback on the Fizzy Grid Challenge for geocache hiders! We also share about 6 hidden giants and a treasure map to find them in Denmark, geocaching on a public television show in Minnesota, and Geocaching turning 17 years old. Don't miss the TONS of prizes we are giving away from the Visit Utah contest and the 3 millionth active cache contest!

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Links mentioned in the show
Big Blue Switch Souvenir
Common Ground 812 – Geocaching on Lakeland Public Television
6 hidden giants and a treasure map in Denmark

Official Geocaching WWFM Website

JJ. Grid Master Series Fizzy Grid tree climbing series by vincemrowe in Dallas
Z 81n1 Kentucky Fizzy Grid series by vincemrowe in Dallas
In the Netherlands:
1,0-1,0 ASSER GRID (33) Fizzy Grid of Mysteries
14~~ 81 langs de A7 [HCE2017] Fizzy Grid of Letterboxes
Challenge: Mystery Matrix Project 81
Double Dutch Fizzy Fun - 162 Challenge
Profile for SPACE2081 Fizzy Grid hiding team in Pennsylvania
Help Center info on Challenge caches

WINNERS of the Visit Utah CONTEST: Choose your PRIZES here!

WINNERS of the 3 Millionth Active Cache CONTEST: Choose your PRIZES here!

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