Show 594.0: Send to Garmin and Timezones

On our geocaching podcast today we’ll discuss the new Send to Garmin feature at and also share some audio answers from Ben at Geocaching HQ. We have a chat with Lisa of Cache Advance about the Garmin 750t, a new Geotour in Spokane and the 2017 eclipse as well as a discussion about time zone fixes for cache logging and much more.

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Links mentioned in the show
Where in the world is Signal the Frog®? Canada!

New: A magic button for your Garmin GPS
Release Notes Discussion about "Send to Garmin"
Episode 4: Logging Changes, Send to Garmin

Visit Utah Geotour at the Visit Utah website
Visit Utah Geotour list of caches at

Garmin Oregon 750t
Filmed in Spokane Geotour
Eclipse 2017 Info from NASA
Eclipse 2017 Geocoin - preorder with the special coupon code!

A new logging experience is coming to
Release Notes related to Time Zone behavior

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