Show 605.1 / MAPP Show 52

NOTE: Show 605.1 is not a regular show.
Listen to a Brief Update to hear why there is no regular show this week.

Presenting MAPP Show #52:
If you're a PodCacher Club Member, check your email (or the ClubHouse) for the link to the audio file, show notes, and exclusive photos.

This is our "Members Appreciation Premium Perk Show", released as BONUS content for all of our Club Members.

In this full featured content-packed show we have...
* an extended interview with a geocacher who is sharing about 2 location-based apps that she uses out in the field
* and you might be interested in taking these apps along on your geocaching adventures!
* some responses to a controversial topic
* plans for our upcoming geo-camping trip to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam
* a chance for club members to win some “Magic the Gathering” trackables
* the big announcement about Virtual Rewards and much more

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