Show 608.0: TravelCaching Grand Canyon

On our geocaching podcast today, we continue our Travel Caching adventures to the Grand Canyon South Rim! Along the way we stop at Horseshoe Bend and have an unexpected encounter. We also share a unique earthcache, a rant about travel bug hotels, a special honor for SpindocBob and much more.

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Links mentioned in the show
ABC launches science cadetship in memory of 'science news geek' Darren Osborne

Point Sublime EarthCache
Vermilion Cliffs "Red Rock Country"
Historic Navajo Bridge
Horseshoe Bend, Page Arizona
Geology of the Grand Canyon

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One Response to Show 608.0: TravelCaching Grand Canyon

  1. Twentse Mug October 2, 2017 at 8:50 am #

    Hi there!

    Again a very interesting show. I love the stories from the Grand Canyon and all the other stories also on podcaches before. I’m smiling when listening.

    About that TB-hotel rant. As a cacher with 320+ tb’s out running and travelling, I love tb-hotels and any other (large) caches with active travel bug exchange. But I agree with the rant and I think that trackables should not be used to be collected or as decoration material. Except when they are designed or meant for it, like I did with some of my goodies which is just there to discover. Car stickers with travel bug codes is another example. My request as a tb-owner: with any cache, if you see travel bugs in a cache, just take them all. Every travel bug left behind is a disappointment for the travel bug owner.

    Best regards,

    Twentse Mug

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