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On this geocaching nano-show Sonny chats about viral guerrillas, geocaching G's and a camo tip. He also shares some audio from SDAJumpMaster at the KTAG Belated Birthday Bash (and Ghost Chase II).

Links mentioned in this show:

Today's Cacher: PodCacher article

A unique way to listen to PodCacher: Podlinez - or call (415) 223-4136

Get your Geocaching G's and check out pictures of the G's here. A very limited quantity. See a pic of how many we had left (not many) after the last event and the creator of the Gs.

KTAG Belated Birthday Bash (and Ghost Chase II!): GCZ33A and Event Photos

Great Stuff Foam at Amazon

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Have a Great Weekend!
Go get 'em!


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