How to access older shows

For various technical reasons related to the feed, we have to limit the number of shows available in iTunes to the last 30. All the older shows have to be downloaded from our website. Here are the instructions.

To download shows one at a time...

On the left side of the website, click on Categories and choose Podcasts - this will show you only the blog posts that are podcast shows.

For each show that you want to listen to, point your mouse to the "Listen to the Show" link. Then, Right click on a PC, or Control click on a Mac and choose to "Save" the MP3 to your computer. You will now have the MP3 file on your computer!

You can now choose to burn it to a CD, copy it to your MP3 player or put it into an MP3 player application (like iTunes) on your computer.

To download many shows at once (more advanced)...

You must have access to (and know how to use) a download manager. One example is Free Download Manager

Here are links to text files that list the correct download name for each podcast episode, divided into years.
2005 PodCacher podcasts
2006 PodCacher podcasts
2007 PodCacher podcasts
2008 PodCacher podcasts
2009 PodCacher podcasts
2010 PodCacher podcasts
2011 PodCacher podcasts
2012 PodCacher podcasts
2013 PodCacher podcasts