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Module 1 Thursday Aug 6, 2015  
Unit 1 Introduction - Start Here
Unit 2 Leaving California
Module 2 Friday Aug 7, 2015  
Unit 1 Starting in Spokane
Unit 2 Gardens, Gumball Machines and The Cave
Unit 3 Cache Cave Walkthrough
Unit 4 Cache Cave Gadget Cache
Module 3 Saturday Aug 8, 2015  
Unit 1 Geotour Kickoff Event
Unit 2 Caches in Riverfront Park
Unit 3 Discovering GeoTour Caches
Module 4 Sunday Aug 9, 2015  
Unit 1 Caching in Idaho
Unit 2 Conversation with Moun10bike
Unit 3 Caching in Montana
Module 5 Monday Aug 10, 2015  
Unit 1 Caching Around Spokane
Unit 2 Chat with the LANMonkeys
Unit 3 KidVegas19 and some GeoTour history
Unit 4 Lookout Lisa reflects on the GeoTour Kickoff
Module 6 Tuesday Aug 11, 2015  
Unit 1 Dry Falls State Park
Unit 2 Mr. Gadget #2
Unit 3 Geocaching our way to Seattle
Module 7 Wednesday Aug 12, 2015  
Unit 1 Downtown Seattle: Views and a Dinosaur Cache
Unit 2 Seattle Caching: Pike's Place Market
Unit 3 Seattle Caching: Gum Wall and Octopus
Unit 4 Seattle Caching: Wrap-up at the Space Needle
Module 8 Thursday Aug 13, 2015  
Unit 1 Geocaching HQ: Tour with Christy
Unit 2 Geocaching HQ: Bryan
Unit 3 Geocaching HQ: Jeremy
Unit 4 Geocaching HQ: MissJenn and GeoTours
Unit 5 Geocaching HQ: Tom and Adela preview the Block Party
Unit 6 Geocaching HQ: Ben from the Product Team
Unit 7 Exploring Fremont: Troll, Rocket, Beer and Chairs
Module 9 Friday Aug 14, 2015  
Unit 1 Seattle Creative Caches
Unit 2 Rainy Day Geocaching
Module 10 Saturday Aug 15, 2015  
Unit 1 Block Party: Intro and Walk Through
Unit 2 Block Party: Group Photo and a Proposal
Unit 3 Block Party: Adventures, Museum and More
Unit 4 Block Party: Vendor Area and Puzzle Cache
Unit 5 Block Party: Jeremy and Bryan
Module 11 Sunday Aug 16, 2015  
Unit 1 Ape Event: Beginning of the Event
Unit 2 Ape Event: The Tunnel
Unit 3 Ape Event: The Ape Tribute Cache
Module 12 Monday Aug 17, 2015  
Unit 1 Gourmet Recipe: Nectarine Upside Down Cake
Unit 2 Northwest Photobook
Unit 3 Sean's Washington Journal
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