Letterboxing (and caching) Safely During Hunting Season

I looked at the calendar and realized that it was the opening of the northern zone of big game hunting season here in New York State this Saturday. My son wanted to go hiking tomorrow, but I told him no not on opening day.

Now if you still want to go letterboxing or geocaching, here are some recommendations. Please remember that hunters have equal access to public lands as you do:

1- Know what the hunting season is. You really should think twice about going out on opening day, or on big holidays.
2- Many hunters will hunt in the early morning and the later afternoon. Not all, but many. So going out at noontime would be a better time to go.
3- Wear hunters orange. Wear a coat or vest and a hat.
4- Geocache or letterbox at preserves that do not allow hunters. Many areas have these as nature or wildlife refuges.
5- Most importantly, go online and check out the recommendations on your state's or country's hunting safety recommendations. They vary from state to state and country to country.

Do Not wear tan, brown, white or light colors.

I was hunting deer with a bow a few years ago and hiked into my stand before daybreak and was all set up. I was wearing camouflaged everything (Bow is different than rifle hunting). Now at dawn, I saw a hunter walking down the path, about 75 feet away. I waved my camouflaged gloved hand, but he couldn't see me. I took my glove off and waved, he froze and started to get his bow in a ready position. I know this man and he is a safe hunter and he did not draw or even bring the bow around, but he saw something white, my hand and stopped and was looking. I reached in my coat and took out a small flashlight and blinked so he knew what I was. This is important. What he mistook my hand for was the tail of a deer, or flag when deer raise their tail. That is why it is important to NOT WEAR white or any light colors. Dark colors other than tan or brown and wear hunters orange, hunters orange hunters orange is what you should wear!

I really don't want to give hunters a bad name, as I am one. It is all about safety and with all the different outdoor activates that go on, we just need to be safe. Please use common sense.

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