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Show 24: Geocaching in the News

Listen To The Show In our geocaching show today, we share some emails from the Listener Mailbag, and then we discuss some places where geocaching is making news. We are also just back from attending the Portable Media / Podcast Expo, so we share some of our excitement from being at this great event! Interview […]

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Cache Quest or Cash Quest?

Is this a good thing? Found this site: CacheQuest Apparently if you join for $19.95 a month, you can hunt down caches that have vouchers in them. The vouchers are worth $100. What do you think about this? Would you pay $19.95 month? What if the cash-cache (hey now there’s a new genre!) was over […]

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GPS The Movie???

Geocaching in the media becoming “mainstream”? I was just sent this tip from one of our listeners (Borten): GPS The Movie Several months ago, geocaching was apparently part of a story in the TV show “Law and Order”. I didn’t actually see the episode, but I have heard that the show did a poor job […]

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Geocaching in Education

Here is one story of how a teacher is using Geocaching in Education! I think this is great! As many of you experienced cachers already know, geocaching can involve a lot more than just “following the arrow to the tupperware”. Although Sandy and I like the cache-and-dash / drive-up style caches that let you quickly […]

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