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Show 412.0: Social Geocaching

On our geocaching podcast today, we’re going to share some listener input and chat about Smartphone geocaching. We also have an interesting idea for “social geocaching”, some feedback on SWAG and signing logs, secret geocacher signs and countersigns, another in the series of “Sonny’s Required Caching Tools” and much more. Listen To The Show (50:58) […]

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Show 399.0 – Christmas Head to Toe (part 2)

On our geocaching podcast today, we’re going to continue with more Christmas Gift ideas in our “Head to Toe” series. We also have a geocaching wedding update, another cool series and an amazing log, information on geocaching trading cards, a very special cache that you may want to get involved with, a geocaching controversy in […]

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Show 393.0: Geocacher CALLS the bomb squad

On our geocaching podcast today, we have several interesting stories to share with you including an unusual “Bomb Scare” story in reverse. We also share tools to carry when caching in Saudi Arabia, some feedback on Letterbox Hybrids, a great website for tracking trackables, some good cameras for geocaching, an update on the “Geocaching Jolt” […]

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Show 389.0: A Geocaching Jolt

On our geocaching podcast today, we have a shocking geocaching story from Ireland. We also share some follow-up reports from the geocacher traveling to the Virgin Islands who feared that her long-running cache-a-day streak was in jeopardy, as well as some FTFs from around the world and on various cache listing sites. You won’t want […]

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